We do this:

Inventi Systems Ltd provide market leading asset tracking solutions, that are used over an expansive range of market sectors and industries.

Having identified the need for Building Management Teams, to not only know which assets are on site but also where they are, in real time. By using our Cloud Based console, users can locate items in a matter of seconds, eliminating silos of usage and maximise their investment in each asset.

We understand the modern pressures to drive efficiency and returns on investments. Having expensive capitalised equipment not being used to its full potential isn’t effective and can be reduced by providing intelligence on these assets.

We are empowering Building Management Teams to gain intelligence on their capitalised assets, whilst improving efficiencies and productivity of their staff, resulting in time gains and reducing costs. 



in real-time



improve planning



scalable solution


Although our products fit well with a wide range of businesses, innovation doesn’t stop. We are committed to pushing our technology further, to provide a better service, with more features and integration, delivering our customers a first-class solution.

Alongside the delivery of our solutions, we seek increased potential, more insights and flexible collaboration with external systems. The data we generate can be used in an infinite number of ways, assisting in key business decisions, planning and management.