So what is Ami?

Ami is our onsite integrated tracking solution, capable of reporting on every movable asset, in real-time, historically and with predictive data analysis. Providing insights on usage, requirements, allocation and effectiveness.

How we do it?

We attach small transmitting tags to every item you wish to track. The tags then report their position to a network of beacons, placed throughout the building. The beacons report their raw data to our AWS webservice where the data is filtered and complied into a meaningful, ready to view graphical interface, that represents each of your building’s floor plans, showing zones, rooms and entry & exit points, on every floor, throughout your site.

Following an onsite survey of your building, we will provide a schedule of equipment and time scales for installation and commissioning. Once fully installed we connect the beacon network to our web platform. Our AWS hosted reporting system is accessible 24/7/365 and optimised for any device.



Cloud Based System

8 Sec.


To locate assets


Up Time

Powered by AWS

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Summary: An introductory Cloud-based consol, to locate assets within a building.

Ami (Asset Management Interface) is our cloud based (AWS – Supported) reporting consol, enabling Building Management Teams, to rapidly locate assets within their buildings in real-time, with room-level and floor level accuracy, even cupboards.

Assets can be located in a matter of seconds, enabling them to be found and
deployed in a timely manner, minimising wasted journeys and claiming back previously lost time. Ami can also offer historical data on your assets, including: where they’ve been, how far they travelled, how long their journeys took and more. Just ask her, she has the data to give you.

Ami is accessible 24/7 on both desktop and mobile devices.