How we do it?

We attach small transmitting tags to every item you wish to track. The tags then report their position to a network of beacons, placed throughout the building. The beacons report their raw data to our AWS webservice where the data is filtered and complied into a meaningful, ready to view graphical interface, that represents each of your building’s floor plans, showing zones, rooms and entry & exit points, on every floor, throughout your site.

Following an onsite survey of your building, we will provide a schedule of equipment and time scales for installation and commissioning. Once fully installed we connect the beacon network to our web platform. Our AWS hosted reporting system is accessible 24/7/365 and optimised for any device.



Cloud Based System

8 Sec.


To locate assets


Up Time

Powered by AWS

Meet Lucia {lu:/chee:ahh/}

Summary: An advanced Cloud-based consol, to locate assets within a building with AI capabilities.

Lucia (Locate Unique Capitalised Internal Assets) is our cloud based (AWS – Supported) reporting consol, enabling Building Management  to locate items within their building in real-time and benefit from our AI tools to better manage assets throughout their usable life.

Assets can be located in a matter of seconds, enabling them to be found and
deployed in a timely manner, minimising wasted journeys and claiming back previously lost time. Lucia can also offer historical data on your assets, including: where they’ve been, how far they travelled, how long their journeys took and more. Just ask her, she has the data to give you.

Lucia is accessible 24/7 on both desktop and mobile devices. We can also connect Lucia’s database to third party systems, offering even more functionality and integration.