Meet Piper

Summary: An integrated piece of AI technology, counting, mapping and predicting movements of people in your space.

Piper (People in Places with Electronic Reporting) is our cloud based AI  reporting console, delivering realtime data on the movement of people within an enclosed environment.

Peoples movements are tracked from the time they enter to the time they leave a space, providing insights on how they chose to navigate around, their time spent in hotspots and which areas they chose to ignore.

Piper can be integrated with a new CCTV design or fitted to legacy systems.

What does Piper do?

Introducing PIPER – Smart Crowd Monitoring with AI-Powered IP Cameras!

Are you ready to take your space management to the next level? Our brand-new service harnesses the power of IP cameras and AI machine learning to revolutionise the way you track and predict crowd dynamics.

Accurate People Counting: Say goodbye to manual headcounts and human errors. Our IP cameras use advanced algorithms to precisely count the number of people in your space, providing you with real-time insights into occupancy.

AI-Driven Predictive Analysis:
It’s not just about counting heads; it’s about foreseeing potential issues. Our AI system reviews crowd behavior patterns, helping you predict and prevent congestion, bottlenecks, or safety concerns before they even arise.

Optimise Space Utilisation: Maximise your space’s efficiency by gaining valuable data on peak hours, traffic flow, and occupancy trends. Make informed decisions on staffing, scheduling, and resource allocation.

Data-Driven Insights: Access comprehensive reports and analytics that empower you to make data-backed decisions. Understand your space dynamics better than ever before.

Versatile Applications: Our service is tailored for various industries, including retail, hospitality, event management, and public spaces. Whether you’re managing a store, venue, or public facility, our solution fits seamlessly.

Privacy and Compliance: We prioritise data security and compliance with privacy regulations. Rest assured that your customers’ and visitors’ privacy is safeguarded.

Proactive Crowd Management: Prevent overcrowding, enhance safety protocols, and provide a seamless experience for your clientele. Be prepared for any situation with our proactive approach.

Join the smart revolution in crowd management today! Embrace the future with AI-powered IP cameras that not only count people but also predict and mitigate potential issues. Elevate your space management game and stay steps ahead of the competition.

Ready to transform your space? Contact us to learn more about our innovative service and request a personalised demo. Don’t wait; the future of crowd monitoring is here, and it’s smarter than ever before! 




Cloud Based System


In real-time

using existing CCTV


Up Time

Powered by AWS