Meet Piper {Pye:/pahh/}

Summary: An integrated piece of AI technology used to count, map and predict movements of people in and around buildings.

Piper (People in Places with Electronic Reporting) is our cloud based AI  reporting console, delivering realtime data on the movement of people within an enclosed environment.

People journeys can be tracked from the time they enter to the time they leave a space, providing insights on how they chose to navigate around, their time spent in hotspots and which areas they chose to ignore.

Piper can be integrated with a new CCTV design or fitted to legacy systems.

What does Piper do?

Piper can be integrated with new or legacy systems, providing useful insights on visitor’s traffic movements and trends, giving Building Management Teams the tools to optimise retail space, walk throughs and static opportunities. Piper can deliver the following services:

  • People Counting
  • AI Heat Mapping
  • Customer Flow Analysis
  • Retail Insights

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Cloud Based System


In real-time

using existing CCTV


Up Time

Powered by AWS