Wearable Technology For Staff & Visitors

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Wendi (Wearable Employee Networked Distance Identifier) will keep your employees socially distanced, preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses. Wendi will buzz, flash or sound an alarm, if personal perimeters are breached. Wendi will alert the wearers to comply with appropriate distancing measures at all times, in the workplace. Wendi will also record every interaction between wearers, enabling data to be reviewed and risk assessed.

How WENDI works

Each Member of staff is given a unique TAG to wear at all times when they are on site, at their place of work. The TAG records the proximity and interactions between all members of staff. If a member of staff falls ill with Covid-19 and other viruses, their interactions and frequencies can be analysed and persons at risk of infection can be rapidly identified, isolated and tested accordingly.

The TAGs

The TAG acts as a bi-directional unit, emitting its presence and receiving other TAG’s proximities. The data collected by the TAGs is shared to a single controller in the building, which converts the collected data into a graphical interface that can be used by the Management Team to identify potential staff that may be at risk of infection.


  • Immediate traceability of staff interactions.
  • Rapid analysis and risk assessment of staff.
  • Enables targeted isolation of staff members and not the entire workforce, keeping the business operational.
  • Alerts wearers of close proximity by vibration, sound and flashing LED.
  • Rapid deployment within the place of work, out of the box setup.
  • Short lead time for delivery of hardware and factory configuration.
  • Minimal infrastructure set up, connect to your LAN and you’re live.


Our web based reporting system enables Wendi to be rapidly set up, enrolling employees and pairing them to their unique TAGs. The system is fully customisable for variations in required minimum distances, encounter times and frequencies. Risk levels can also be optimised to suit the needs of each building. If an employee tests positive for COVID, Wendi can quickly process the TAG’s data and risk assess the persons most at risk of infection. The Management team will then be able to take targeted action to test and isolate those identified to be most at risk, leaving the rest of the workforce in place.

risk analysis chart

Wendi will be able to quickly identify risks to other TAG wearers, individually or by groups. Those most at risk can then be tested for potential infection and isolated from the workforce if required. This allows us to identify those most at risk and taking appropiate action, keeping the workforce moving and companies operating.

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